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Are you interested in purchasing a home in Frisco, Allen or Lucas, Texas? Or do you need an experienced Collin County real estate agent to help you sell your existing home?

Experienced Allen TX realtor Mr. Rajan Mathai is the man for the job. Mr. Mathai is extremely knowledgeable, hard working, responsive and attentive to your needs. Please call 214-649-5086 today.


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Why move to Collin County? Frisco, Lucas and Allen TX Realtor Rajan Mathai can help you find your dream home.

Interested in moving to Texas? If so, you might want to check out the Allen/ Frisco/ Lucas area of north Texas. These are quiet and peaceful towns with a proud Texas heritage and a southern quality. Allen TX realtor Rajan Mathai will be happy to show potential buyers around these areas and answer any questions about the area regarding home prices, schools, property taxes etc.

Allen is only twenty-four miles from Dallas and offers a wide array of activities for new residents to take part in, ranging from shopping to fine dining to water sports. There are over 180 restaurants, including some extremely fine southern barbecue. Shopping centers are sprawled throughout the city of Allen. The public schools are exceptional and there are some great deals to be had on real estate. Be sure to get in touch with Allen TX realtor Rajan Mathai to find the perfect Allen, TX home for you. For more info on why you should go with Rajan Mathai as your Allen, TX realtor, please click here.

Frisco residents are proud of their town roots and this can be seen at high school sporting events and the events that are open to the public. Those who want to live near a big city like Dallas but want a more relaxed and quieter living experience, with less traffic and noise, should consider the town of Frisco. Frisco realtor Rajan Mathai can help you explore Frisco real estate and find you the home of your dreams.

For those who prefer a more country flavor, Lucas is the town for you. Trails, parks and wide open spaces are a common sight. There are many horse trails available for those who like to ride. For those interested in hunting and fishing, Lucas, Texas offers plenty of opportunities. Lucas offers an exceptional country living experience. Lucas TX real estate agent Rajan Mathai would be happy to show interested buyers around town and share some information about Lucas.

These towns in Collin County are a great place to live for those who enjoy a peaceful experience. Retirees and those looking for a safe, family atmosphere with good schools will fit right in. The cities of Allen, Frisco and Lucas offer a wonderful living experience for those who wish to get away from big cities. These towns are laid back and are filled with friendly people and inviting neighbors.


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